ISUZU has slashed the cost of its servicing its trucks, now offering six years of servicing for the price of three years on its service agreements package.

The deal applies to buyers of new N Series cab-chassis and Ready-to-Work models. Basically, the owner pays for three years and gets an additional three years free of charge. The offer is from August 1 2023 to September 30, 2023.

The service agreement packages are designed for a range of customers and end uses, with the aim of taking the stress out of servicing and maintenance with an upfront payment plan that covers scheduled servicing, preventative maintenance and parts replacement.

The packages are designed specifically for new truck purchases. The coverage is on the truck’s essential, high-wear components from engine and transmission to brakes, suspension and electrical. Options to the list are available.

The service agreements were introduced in 2015 as a means of providing affordable maintenance solutions centred around a set monthly payment plan.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Head of Aftersales, Brett Stewart, said the offer on six years of Isuzu Total Service Agreements for N Series Cab Chassis and Ready-to-Work truck models offered truck operators greater confidence and clarity around the of total cost of truck ownership.

“Buying three years of our Total Service Agreement and receiving an additional three years on top is a massive incentive for new truck buyers to closely consider owning one of Australia’s most popular light-duty truck models,” said Mr Stewart.

“Our Total Service Agreement Packages not only represent outstanding value in the first instance, but they can also assist in streamlining costs for the operator, helping them to maintain a stable and predictable balance sheet.

“With a straightforward monthly payment structure, there are no hidden surprises. All this combines to help our customers’ trucks stay on the road and out of the workshop, avoiding unnecessary downtime.”

All parts and labour are included in an Isuzu service agreement package, meaning the truck is in expert hands for the first six years of its operating life.

This is further supported by Isuzu’s industry-leading six-year truck warranty on N Series cab-chassis, giving customers additional confidence they will be backed by the best in business.

Mr Stewart said for added convenience, many dealer locations offer after-hours servicing.

“All of this is underpinned by our recently re-launched Isuzu Care support program, which ensures that we meet all the needs of our customers, whatever their application or the end-use of the truck,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we want our customers to experience the best truck ownership experience possible, with peace of mind and minimal stress when it comes to service and maintenance.”

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