On the 2nd of November, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) announced that they have broken their all-time truck sales record again this year after they also smashed this record last year.

With two months still to go in 2022, this is an impressive feat that indicates positive economic growth and cements Isuzu as Australia’s number-one truck brand. In this post, we will reveal the exact figures behind this record-breaking achievement and explore why Isuzu Trucks are so popular in Australia.

Isuzu Truck Sales Record

Isuzu Trucks was highly successful in 2021 despite the economic and supply chain struggles that the after-effects of the pandemic brought. At the end of December that year, they set a new record of 10,175 truck deliveries. Isuzu has reported that this figure was surpassed as of mid-October this year, smashing the old record out of the park. Prior to 2021, the previous sales record was set in 2018 with 10,027 sales.

Their internal figures report that they finished September 2022 with 9,642 sales which was a 32 per cent increase in volume on the same time last year. This makes up 9 per cent of all trucks being sold in Australia, giving them a huge portion of the market share. Light-duty made up 5,492 of these units, giving Isuzu a big 5 per cent share of this segment and a sales volume increase of 30 per cent or around 1,300 units more than in 2021. They performed well in medium-duty as well, with a 2 per cent share of the segment with 2,665 units sold, 28 per cent above 2021 figures.

They are less successful in the heavy-duty segment, with 1,485 units sold, making them the third most popular brand. Still, this can hardly be deemed a failure on their part as they hold a 14 per cent share of the segment.

Popular Isuzu models in Australia

The most popular Isuzu truck for Aussie workers that has played a key part in these figures is the 4,500 kg GVM light-duty models in NLR, NLS, NNR, NPR and NPS variants. By September 2022, 572 trucks of this kind were delivered, up significantly from the 310 sold by the same time last year.

Isuzu’s updated trucks such as the 6x2 and 6x4 F Series range are also popular, including FVM, FVL, FVS and FVY variants.

Why are Isuzu trucks so popular?

But what is the reason behind this success? Recent economic support from the Australian government during the pandemic is in part to thank, offering Australian businesses the capability to invest in essential assets like trucks. IAL has an extensive dealer network throughout Australia which supports the distribution of the trucks and drives sales.

Also, Isuzu has built a reputation for itself regarding safety which is a big part of its success, with a large focus on visibility, maneuverability and reliability. With a 49.5-degree wheel-cut angle, Isuzu trucks are capable of a tighter turning radius than their competitors, making them more versatile for a range of industries and applications.

Plus, the unique cab design of the Isuzu Low Cab Forward Truck is a key selling point. As the driver is positioned above the wheels, there isn't as much space at the front of the cab, meaning visibility is greatly improved because the ground within 8 ft can be seen.

What’s more, Isuzu is known for very few breakdown instances and long lifespans, making an Isuzu truck a cost-effective investment with low risk.

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