IVECO’s latest Daily family of light commercial vehicles balances operational efficiency for cost-effective ownership, with the latest is connectivity to make the operator’s life behind the wheel safer and more comfortable.

IVECO adopted its ‘fast evolution’ program late last year that aims to fast-track product upgrades and bring state-of-the-art connectivity to the driver’s seat. At the same time, these features increase the customer’s business productivity and sustainability.

The latest Daily remains true to its long-standing DNA as a true partner in customers’ business success, and now turns the focus to the driver with huge steps forward in cabin ergonomics and on-board technology.The new connectivity-enabled services also make the Daily fit into the business arena and make it the fleet managers’ favourite.

Drivers and fleet managers can now operate more efficiently by remotely controlling the vehicle’s settings through the ‘Easy Daily App’ or through the 'IVECO ON’ portal.

The fleet manager can remotely check the status of the vehicle’s functions such as Hi-Matic transmission settings and Eco Mode and lock them to ensure the vehicle maximises fuel efficiency.Iveco Daily TipperThis feature also enables them to remotely control a vehicle’s ADAS settings at any time, to ensure all the vehicles in their fleet are set up to support driver safety and contribute to safer roads.For drivers who share vans in the fleet, the ‘Profile Setting’ feature means they can save their preferred set-up, cluster and infotainment settings via their Easy Daily App. They will also be able to transfer their settings to another paired vehicle automatically.

Door-to-door deliveries can be made faster with the 'Keyless Entry & Go’. Daily is the only light commercial vehicle on the market with the fully hands-free door locking and unlocking feature.

Customers’ productivity will also improve with IVECO’s services designed to maximise vehicle uptime. These include over-the-air updates, which eliminates the need to visit the dealer’s workshop for software updates, saving time. Iveco Daily DashSafety standards have been greatly improved with the latest advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and Level 2 autonomous drive features to provide a stress-free driving experience and enhance safety in and around the vehicle.

Fatigue on long days behind the wheel will be reduced by the new ‘Traffic Jam Assist’ which automatically follows the traffic flow. 

The ‘Advanced Lane Centering’ steers the vehicle and keeps it in the centre of the lane and the ‘Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go’ keeps pace with the vehicle in front, stopping when it does.

Thanks to the ‘Intelligent Speed Assist & Traffic Sign Recognition Safety Warnings’, the driver can accept and set the speed limit, driving safely and without stress.Iveco 44Driver safety is improved with autonomous emergency brake system (AEBS) and city brake which also protects Vulnerable Road Users and the new ‘turn assist’ function, which automatically activates the brake as necessary when turning to avoid impact.

The ‘Blind Spot Warning’ will alert the driver if a vehicle is approaching in the blind spot when changing lanes.

Urban manoeuvres become safer and stress-free with the ‘Blind Spot Warning Information System’ which warns if a cyclist is approaching on the kerb side, and Rear Cross-Traffic Braking which helps the driver reverse by providing information about vehicles and obstacles around the vehicle, and braking automatically if necessary.

When preparing to leave the vehicle, the ‘Door Opening Warning’ will alert the driver if a vehicle or cyclist is approaching, increasing safety in the urban environment.Iveco CabThe Daily also introduces new passive safety features which meet new European safety standards and is the only body-on- frame light commercial vehicle to comply with the new GSR standards in the 3.5-tonne category.

In addition, the Daily range — already renown for the robustness of its unique body-on-frame structure — has been further strengthened with the chassis front redesign.

For owners, IVECO has introduced a new business model that embraces all the opportunities of digital technologies.

The Daily comes with a holistic portfolio of services developed to improve the productivity and profitability of the customers’ businesses by maximising vehicle uptime and efficiency, driver safety and environmental protection.

The aim is to provide customers with a complete mobility solution, consisting of the vehicle and perfectly integrated services, that perfectly meets their requirements.

Uptime services are designed to minimise the vehicle’s downtime by using real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and maintenance schedules to avoid unplanned stoppages. Iveco DashboardProductivity & Efficiency services help customers reduce fuel consumption, optimise routes and improve their driving style. 

Driver Care and Safety & Security services are designed to promote safer driving and increasing the drivers’ safety. 

IVECO’s modular approach to its services offer makes it easier for customers to choose the set of services that best meets their specific requirements.

Changes to the latest Daily include a cabin with a new dashboard with plenty of open storage compartments to make it easier for the driver to organise belongings and keep everything within easy reach.

It features dedicated spaces for mobile devices, new USB type A+C sockets and a new wireless charger.

A stand-out feature is the new 10.25-inch configurable full digital cluster that relays all the important vehicle information displayed on the wide screen with large font sizes.

Three screen layouts are available, and the driver can easily choose their preferred configuration using the stalk lever button.

The new infotainment system with a 10-inch colour display is integrated into the central section of the dashboard.

This offers functions to enhance the driver’s experience on board. For example, mobile device mirroring allows them to access their apps on the display and in-cab functions such as lights, windows and climate can be controlled with voice commands through IVECO 'Driver Pal’, which is now integrated into the system and easy to set up.Iveco Daily DashboardDrivers will also be able to use the Tom Tom Live advanced navigation services on the new infotainment system to always plan the best routes based on real-time traffic conditions.

On the road, the driver will enjoy the absolute driving pleasure of the Hi-Matic transmission, further enhanced by the new bi-stable position multi-function lever with a power selector for the Power and Eco settings, which is more comfortable to use and makes it easier to recognise the status of the transmission.

IVECO also looked at ways to increase the vehicle’s payload, and now offers a new rear leaf-spring suspension with progressive stiffness which is available as an option. It enables the vehicle to carry heavier loads with a performance comparable to the double-leaf suspension.

The new Daily is also available in some markets with electric and bio-CNG versions, with dedicated services offering customers complete mobility solutions to help their sustainable transition.